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Army piles pressure on militants in north lebanon

KONY 2011: Kenyan warplanes target rebels

“We knew there were casualties. You have to understand what happened. We were attacked, I was targeted, and we were in a tight room with a gun to our head.”

Rescue forces said they had been caught on camera by rebel fighters inside the compound. A video shown on a rebel website showed members of the same brigade trying to rescue rescue men from the roof.

The rebels said they were from the rebel military alliance’s “Moyen” faction. They described the res???cue attempt as a “brutality act” aimed at punishing a civilian-led uprising against President Joseph Kabila, the rebel leader and the leader of rebel faction al Qaeda’s Al-Nusra Front.

“I don’t know if this (suspect’s) a civilian or a rebel,” a man wearing a black shirt who identified himself as Abu Mohammed told AFP.

The raid came hours after the rebels killed and shot three other soldiers inside the facility.

There was no word yet on the status of those killed.


The army’s response appears to be improving morale of rebels who were angered by Kabila’s rule before it came to power in 2009, as well as by Kabila’s inability to fight against them.

Rescue workers at a site hit by the raid told Reuters the rebels had fired mortars at them.

The army also responded by launching air strikes against militants in neighbouring South Kivu province. That offensive has been partly aimed at driving them out of their base near Maungak, an area on the border.

The army and allied militias have since been busy pushing back some Islamists loyal to Kabila, the rebels’ only hope of reaching government-held territory.

Militants have been forced back to their base near Maungak and had earlier cal?????led on civilians and other targets to surrender. But the insurgents have refused to pull back their fighters ?????or disarm.

Kabila declared “day of liberation” against the insurgents on July 20 and has since made large-scale troop mobilisation and redeployment much more difficult for the military to deal with.

Analysts say a victory for Kabila, who has held power for the past three decades, could embolden others and trigger a greater influx of foreign fighters.

But others say the rebels will find it hard to take back some of the areas that ar

Army piles pressure on militants in north lebanon

Pentagon says Russia is likely to act to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in its war

Syrian regime forces are reportedly trying to block Russian planes from reaching rebel-held areas in the??? north of Syria, Pentagon spokesman Army Colonel Steve Warren said today.

‘We are told that [Assad] is very frustrated with the Russians not trying to help him to the greatest extent possible,’ he added.

‘He believes that Russian planes could be used to hit the Syrian military. He’s very frustrated with that.’

Earlier today Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren also claimed that Russia is likely to ‘act to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’

Warren also said that Russia is not going to abandon its efforts to force President Bashar al-Assad’s forces from Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province.

The US-led coalition is trying to stop Islamic Sta?????te from using the eastern province, which is a de facto border with Syria.

Moscow insists that it has no intention of fighting against Assad but has stepped up military aid to the government and Russia have repeatedly stated that they plan to protect de facto border crossings in order to transport weapons.

Russia, which has long denied it has given in to US pressure, has provided tanks, armoured personnel carriers, anti-aircraft guns and ammunition to Assad’s army.

A rebel statement released Thursday said Russian planes dropped a 500kg (1,300lb) payload of weapons – including anti-aircraft missiles – on parts of ?????Deir ez-Zor’s opposition-held areas.

The move comes despite a US-Russia deal reached in December to allow a ceasefire in areas controlled by Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra.

A Syrian soldier aims his weapon as he inspects a damaged vehicle in the rebel held areas in the north of the country

The ceasefire agreement was the biggest concession yet offered by the US and Russia, as the conflict drags on in Syria

However, rebels and activists described it as a ‘violation of a ceasefire regime’.

Syria has said it will not surrender the region on which it has been fighting since the end of the US-led coalition’s aerial assault in 2011.

‘We’re going to remain, we are going to fight until the end of the regime,’ Hadi al-Bahri, one of the leaders of the Syrian Arab Army said on Thursday.

He was speaking to the Syrian Observator

Public to get some water bans respite with more water filters, a more cleaning cycle, and a more effective waste collector for household water, I think the average California family will be pa?????????ying less for their water. We’re taking an economic stand for one of the few affordable, clean, and reliable water services and supporting a community that already has it.

Danish police arrest scores in second night of anti-immigrant riots Danish police arrested scores in the first night of the violent protests that began after a Danish national was arrested for driving through the streets and into the police headquarters in an anti-immigration row.


Danish police arrested scores in the first night of the violent protests that began after a Danish national was arrested for driving through the streets and into the police headquarters in an anti-immigrant row.

An 18-year-old man was arrested for driving through the city centre in the early hours of Wednesday morning, an AFP photographer said.

Officers were called about the incident outside the municipal police headquarters, at nearby Balavergade, about 8.15am, when reports of someone “being in the street” prompted ???staff to arrive at the scene.

After some officers took pictures and spoke to the teenager, he agreed to come out of the police station to go into a private address to talk to the police.

However as he left, he ran a red light and hit a pedestrian, police said.

Balavergade Mayor Olof Evert later confirmed that the teenager would not face charges.

His brother, the chief of staff for the city hall, said he would try to contact the family but the teen was in Sweden, a country that has accepted most refugee-related measures in its first year in office???, an AFP photographer said.

A spokesman for the police said: “We’re not able to disclose a further details of the incident at the moment, but police officers arrested a young person early on this morning.”

The police issued an appeal at the time of its arrival asking people to come out of the streets to support those hurt or who were hurt in the incident.

The first reports about the incident appeared on local news websites and were seen by hundreds of people throughout the city before they turned violent by throwing eggs on a police vehicle and burning property.

One demonstrator was attacked and injured while tryin

Top end fishos asked to avoid sensitive cultural ceremony

When a new fish becomes available, it is customary to keep the old one alive. However, some fish (including red snapper) appear to be suffering from a new disease and have to be eaten. The new fish?????, also known as rainbow trout, is also known as “red snapper” or the “gray fish.” In China and Hong Kong, this fish has gained popularity by eating the entire pink prawn.

This condition can be fatal if caught early and ignored or not treatedm???. For several years in the US, it has been reported that many fish in the pink prawn population are suffering from this disease and some people have been dying from it, and in some instances, the entire fish was eaten. This disease, which has also been identified in the wild in the North Atlantic, has also been shown to have other effects on fish and people alike.

This disease and those of many other fish in a rainbow trout can be fatal if caught early and ignored or not treated.

In the US, the pink prawn species and fish in our food chain affect more than 150,000 people and can cause severe health problems. One in eight Americans will contract this disease, and more than 1,000 Americans will die from the rainbow trout by the year 2030. These rates for this disease are rising for many fi??? ??sh stocks worldwide.

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