Councils enter election mode

The electoral commission started tak??????ing submissions last month, and in late January the consultation period will be closed to members of the public.

The commission said the changes would not affect voting right, voting age or pre-poll vote count and will only affect certain activities.

The commission is also looking at whether the commission should continue to rely on a “pre-poll count” to determine if a proposal is acceptable, and may revisit that option if that is deemed necessary, according to a news release.

“The Commission will take this opportunity to work with the public to explore ways that our electoral rules can be made more transparent, equitable and accessible for all voters,” commi?????ttee chairperson Greg Ormsby said in a news release.

For example, the new rules could be used as part of a community consultation process, so the public can ask the commission about specific changes to voting rules, the review said.

“The Commission will engage with the public through community consultation for the consultation period and in response to public comments will consider further opportunities to work with the public regarding the impact these proposed changes will have on their voting rights and their access to elections for the next federal election,” it said.

On May 15, the commission approved four proposals for changes to the electoral rolls that affect the following groups:

Anyone of the following:

All voters

The elderly

All persons with disabilities and their dependent children

Aged persons who are no longer entitled to receive mail-in ballots, or who are on the voting rolls while not on active military service

A person on incapacity allowance, the person with a condition that requires them to rely on written evidence or a vision and hearing impaired person

An adult or person who has experienced domestic violence while not on the electoral roll

The commission also recommended the commission examine other measures in the election legislation, such as how to change a ballot paper if there’s an incident of vandalism on it.

The commission is not ruling the validity of the proposals, and will only decide whether to recommend them, the press release said.

The commission could issue an interim decision before May 14, but is not obliged to consider all or the proposed proposals.

The changes are not required to go before voters. If a ballot paper has already been marked for voting, it must be returned to its polling station for registration.

In addition, people without a right to vote can request one to be returned to their polling station

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