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Pistorius lawyers condemn channel seven using re enactment video for political attacks on state of Pennsylvania

The case was filed by lawyer William O’Connell and fo??? ???rmer Pennsylvania Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

The channel is part of PA Republican gubernatorial candidate John Paustenberger’s bid to unseat the longtime Democratic governor of Pennsylvania

A federal appeals court s?? ???ided with former PA Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell on Monday evening.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court handed Paustenberger a victory in their case, rejecting his claim that a Pennsylvania court allowed Republican state lawmakers to hijack the airwaves to smear him.

‘The United States Supreme Court rejected Ed Rendell’s appeal of the Pennsylvania court’s decision to strip Pennsylvania’s broadcasting commissioner of its authority over channels ‘controlled by the Democratic Party,’ said a statement released Monday by Judge Paul A. Friedman of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

‘The court has said that a political candidate’s personal political activities will never influence the public’s acceptance of or rejection of that candidate’s message, and so will not affect an independent election official’s ability to provide fair, accurate, and impartial political news reports on local issues,’ the statement said.

The case was filed by Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate John Paustenberger.

Paustenberger said: ‘In my view this was an egregious abuse of process based on a faulty reading of Pennsylvania election law. This is simply a case that proves that the Constitution cannot survive a decision of a court in which lawyers for the defendant don’t have to produce documentary evidence.

‘The court has now said that it didn’t understand what the law says and is not qualified to rule on the question of whether the parties in this case had standing to bring the case and for how long,’ Paustenberger told The Associated Press in an interview before the ruling was read.

Paustenberger sued the state’s Republican Attorney General Kathleen Kane and the Attorney General’s Office over the state’s restrictions on news channels, saying they breached Pennsylvania’s First Amendment right to air political speech freely.

‘The state’s ?? ??argument in today’s decision that our constitutional right to air political speech in our public institutions is more important than a political candidate’s political interests, simply simply reflects a lack of understanding of our legal and constitutional rules of evidence,’ he said. ‘It is just another effort by the state to destroy my reputation by using their power, which does not exist within this case, to intimidate a reporter from investigating a candidate and his campaign.’


Mongrel bunch of bastards that just want to live as much as they can and be as nasty and evil as they can and never have to leave the house again.”

In his mind, the world of mob rule is not an extreme but merely the normal way of life. “I’ve never seen people who are??????? ?????n’t completely ruthless in every aspect of their lives. It’s just how it is. You see them in their life, they have so many things they’re worried about. They have so much work to do. That’s just how it is,” he said.

“The whole idea of a gang, a gangster family is sort of a modern concept, but you had gangs and a mob family for a long time, it was sort of a fantasy that got pushed onto people who didn’t have any idea what it meant, just because it was such a fantasy. But with this generation it’s so much more real. They’re just trying to live their lives.”

The gangsters who comprise The New Generation are also finding that no one really wants to talk about it. At the end of each night, t????he gangsters gather together and share stories, but no one seems particularly interested, let alone angry. The gangsters seem so happy with the life that they’re doing that there’s no real need for anyone to even question it, much less put the facts out there.

And what are they saying? “We just want to be happy and not bothered by the bullshit. That’s it,” a gangster I’ll call “Gia???nt” says. “We don’t have any problem with it. That’s pretty much it.” He was standing on a concrete wall in front of a small office with a flatbed truck in the driveway just minutes before. There was no way he was getting up and walking to a meeting right now because he was so busy telling the world about how they just beat the shit out of each other and they’re all ready to kick his ass and get out of prison.

I ask one of the gangsters where the members of his family live and he starts talking about his two older boys. “They’re all over the place, every part of the country. So, I guess that’s how they’re living? Not in prison, but out. So there’s a bunch of money left over. I don’t know how they got back that much.”

If you go back, you’ll note that while “A Biggie” is probably the most prominent gangster of all tim

Bush backs un role in iraq handover, says US could be next: Saudi Arabia, US

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has confirmed he will support King Abdullah II’s decision to allow U.S. Vice President Mike Pence to serve as foreign minister.

He gave Pence just 30 days to leave Washington or face impeachment.

Saud said: “It is a great honour for me to do this for our brothers in our home and all other countries and it goes to show the resolve they have to move forwa?? ??rd.”

The remarks come days after Mr Trump held a private meeting with King Salman in Riyadh where the leaders exchanged letters of friendship and shared concerns over terrorism.

However, Riyadh says Saudi Arabia and the other Middle Eastern countries are the ones affected by terrorist groups, a suggestion rejected by Washington.

Saudi Arabia has sent military advisers to fight ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

Trump allies accuse Saudi Arabia of hypocrisy over Trump’s decision. Trump allies accuse Saudi Arabia of hypocrisy over Trump’s decision.

The White House said the call between the presidents would be “a very professional conversation…to discuss some of the issues involved.”

King Salman also said last month “no country has any role in the future decision of a member of the U.N. Security Council to impose sanctions, whether that be in the form of punitive actions against nat??????ions or in terms of non-punitive measures like ending trade restrictions”.

The tw???o sides agree to meet in November in Riyadh, with a goal of reaching a solution on Syria.

“We are going to try to do this and if things don’t work out then it’s the last resort,” the Saudi king said in a separate television interview

Mr Pence, under pressure from his own party leadership, has made it clear he wants to stay in Washington to lead his post-presidency, but could be moved to a post at any time should things go wrong for Washington.

All options open to stop iran nuclear program before talks break down

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps said Sunday that it had released four Iranian fishermen who crossed into Saudi Arabia to resume negotiations to restart stalled nuclear talks but that the talks had failed.

Fishermen freed by Iran during an operation in Saudi territorial waters

An IRGC statement??? said an Iranian boat from the northern Gulf state ?? ???of Oman had crossed into Gulf waters to resume its planned fishing operation, but that the international coalition coalition that is monitoring the issue had denied entry to the Iranians.

It said that it had arrested nine Iranians on Sunday as they set sail from Yemen and had been asked to leave the international coalition’s territory in Saudi Arabia.

The Iranian boats left on Sunday after “a request from Iranian naval authorities,” the IRGC statement said. It also alleged that the boat was carrying military equipment such as fuel oil and other supplies.

Iranian military officials have said this week that the nuclear program it began in 2006 is capable of producing enough energy to fuel 20,000 times the energy needs of the world’s two biggest oil and gas exporters of Iraq and Iran, according to state news agency IRNA.

Tehran has repeatedly called the issue of the five powers’ nuclear talks the “biggest strategic issue for our country,” claiming it needs to prevent a collapse of the talks while Iran aims to strengthen its own nuclear p?????? ???????rogram.

In addition, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassem said Friday’s announcement would undermine the negotiations and undermine cooperation between the United States and Iran.

In a separate development, the UN Security Council on Sunday approved a resolution to call on Iran to grant freedom of transit for a large group of the nuclear-related experts it is seeking to evacuate in Saudi Arabia. The four experts will leave the International Atomic Energy Agency site in Safran in early October, but not the other three who currently have permits to travel to Iran.

Iranian envoy to the UN Hussein al-Mazen on Friday rejected the resolution as “null” on grounds that the experts would not be allowed to leave the site and that their exit was not covered under the International Atomic Energy Agency. The council was meeting in Vienna.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi in Tehran on Sunday condemned the UN decision in a phone call with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

“In a call yesterday with the Security Council President [Ki-moon], Mr. Araghchi strongly stressed that the implementation of the UNSC Resolutio

Redhage the star in wildcats win over tigers

On Saturday morning, the Tigers were in charge at Suncorp Stadium after the Western Bulldogs won the opening game of the season against Fremantle at the MCG.

The Tigers lost that series 2-0, but at Suncorp Stadium they were victorious, winning by 26 points.

It was the third time the Tigers have won the game by four or fewer points.

On Thursday afternoon, they were on target for that victory against West Coast, but they were outclassed.

They allowed the Eagles to score 26 unanswered goa??? ???ls in a tight game, while Collingwood kicked four in a nail biting encounter at Etihad Stadium.?? ?? ??

For a game that was supposed to be about the Tigers winning their eighth straight game on the week, it was a sad finish to the season.

The Western Bulldogs, as they had been doing all year, went into the game in a high emotion and looked to be in control and confident.

But their season slipped away as their play was disrupted by a series of errors, a failure to close down the Dogs, and, more importantly, to an injured Nathan Green.

There were no excuses in their game against the Dogs. They failed to stop the Dogs’ attacking play and looked disorganised to begin the match.

The club missed that crucial win at the MCG to play in the blockbuster match against Carlton and were not prepared to look back.

In the end, the Bulldogs could not prevent the Tigers from scoring 14 unanswered goals against the Western Bulldogs in a spirited fight that lasted eight minutes.

And while they had their??? ??? moments, the final statistics of the game were not very encouraging for the Bulldogs and their fans.

To put the Bulldogs in perspective, this was their lowest game margin in over 100 games in over two years.

They were outgained 797-837 on the day, with the Cats gaining 2193-979 on the day as they held on to the top spot, in the grand finals.

The Tigers were also poor when it came to defence.

The Bulldogs’ defence is in dire need of a complete overhaul, and they were the only team to be hit by seven goals in their second half against a Geelong team that was almost in complete control.

They lost a battle to kick a goal and three of their seven key defenders lost a game against an Essendon team that was able to use their defence to score in the third quarte

Aged care royal commission hears of staff shortages and problems with food, medical treatment, and pensions

A health advisory committee has recommended that the Victorian government take emergency care and pay senior health workers pensions to pay for elderly care services, amid warnings that senior bureaucrats are not seeing enough of the cash being spent.

In its report, the Advisory Board of Public Health recommended more than $35 million in savi???????ngs should be made to health services over the next five years, with “the most significant savings from reducing hospital and nursing home staffing”.

The recommendations come against a background of concerns about an inadequate and underfunded state-wide elder care system. The state’s senior care delivery system is rated one of the worst in Australia.

While there are now more than 2,000 doctors working full-time in the Victorian health system, just 3% of senior staff were allocated and paid enough, according to a state government report.

The government promised in its 2017-18 budget to spend $350 million over five years to address staffing issues, although it is unable to say how much of this will be spent on pensions.

“We do acknowledge the important role senior health care service staff play in delivering the quality and services of primary care, but we have been informed that there is insufficient funds to meet the needs of senior health professionals with dementia, stroke, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease,” the report said.

Senior health care staff have been told to expect a shortfall of $15 million in the next financial year, to be used to fund new primary and long-term care funding, because the state’s aging system still cannot meet anticipated demand.

Citing data from 2015-16, the advisory board said that only 23% of older people who receive long-term care at home were able to do so when they retire, with the average length of stay in hospital being nine days.

“There is also insufficient fundinm???g to ensure senior health care services meet the needs of senior health care professionals with dementia, stroke, heart di?? ???sease and Alzheimer’s disease,” the report said.

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